Event: A/c with ENGINE ONFIRE


SIA 175/B777 during rolling for take off reported number 1 engine on fire and abort take off, request fire truck and ambulance.

Requirements for test taker

Comprehend the information in the chart and traffic situation

Use ICAO standard RTF appropriately: Communicating with Pilots.

Use plain English: Coordinating with other ATC Units.

Interact appropriately with the situation:     

– Initiates, maintains exchanges even in unexpected events.

– Checks, confirms, clarifies misunderstandings

Requirements for interlocutor:

Refer the traffic situation in the chart, play the role of pilots in the scenario.

Use appropriate ICAO standard RTF.

Report the situation at suitable time.

Use plain English messages to check test taker’s comprehension.

Test taker’s chart of the scenario

Interlocutor’s chart of the scenario